Life Coaching Benefit: Living Your Purpose

Life Coaching Benefit: Living Your Purpose

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The Brass Ring of Life…

Have you been to an old fashioned Carousel? I like the one in Santa Cruz CA that has a brass ring, that if you can reach way out to capture it, will render a shiny brass ring that can then be exchanged for a prize!!!  In my experience, living a joyful life that is a direct expression of ones life’s purpose is the “Brass Ring of Life”,  so what does it take to capture that coveted ring? The secret truth is that it is well within reach for all of us.

Goal Setting is the Key, Right?

Common wisdom would suggest that the primary reason people are successful is because they take time to identify and write down their goals, and while this is an extremely positive step to take, it misses the core issues that influence our desire to take action toward the goals that we set. In fact, many people fail to be successful in life because they have never taken the time to identify their Life’s Purpose, their unique contribution to the world and the cosmos at large.

I have found that the single most important way for me to serve my coaching clients is to assist them in identifying their Life’s Purpose. Once this process is underway – they experience increased positive energy, inspiration and motivation to take the inspired action necessary to express that purpose by accomplishing goals that have been set, as a direct extension of their life’s purpose.

Yet there is an element that goes one step deeper…

The Well Runs Deep

It is the all important recognition that we all have a higher self. There are many names for this; the Tao or way, Christ consciousness, Buddhahood, Goddess, the Divine, Super Consciousness as put forth by the likes of Carl Jung… the name is less important than you invoking the connection with what I call our “Highest Self”.

When we invoke this highest self and allow it to flow “in, as and through us” – all of a sudden we have limitless inspiration, motivation and energy, because we are tapping into something that is greater than our own bodies, ego or collection of experiences we call our “personality”.

So the question naturally comes up in this conversation at this point, “How do I create or invoke this connection?”.  The answer is already residing within you. The connection is already there – it’s really simply a matter that we invite our connection to be present and strong in our day to day, moment by moment experience of life in the here and now. Like anything else, it works best when we use it regularly. It is in fact a choice to nurture our highest self so that we may live an authentic life grounded in the now.

Time to Ask the Big Questions

Once this connection is established and we are practiced at nourishing it through martial arts, yoga, dance, meditation or other practices, then we must start asking “What is my Life’s Purpose?” or even more simply put “Why Am I Here?”….

I have personally found that these questions and variations on these questions like “What is My Life’s Purpose Today?” have proven to be extremely helpful in determining what actions I need to take to express my lifes purpose in order to experience great joy and help my clients experience the same.

How Will Life Coaching Benefit Me?

The single most asked question that I get when someone is considering the possibility of entering into the process of working with a life coach is “How will I benefit?”  It’s a great question and before I begin to explore this important conversation, I will say that the single most powerful thing we can do to empower our lives, is to continuously learn to love ourselves fully and completely. Getting started with a life coach, whether it’s myself or any other talented coach out there, is one of the most effective ways available today to invest in and love ourselves.

When implemented powerfully, life coaching will contribute to the success of your life. But first we must define success. The reality is that while there are certain basic needs and wants that most of us share, the true definition of success is as different as each person defining it for themselves, and this where a talented coach will help.

Life Coaching is different from counseling in that most psycho-therapeutic models operate with a paradigm that assumes that there is something wrong, where as in life coaching (at least in my practice and in the practice of other coaches that are well known and admired) we are operating from a paradigm that we are working together with our clients to improve on something that is already working… YOU!

If you resonate with this, I invite you to download my eBook “What You Say is Who You Are” as this will further illuminate this particular pathway to realizing your peak potential called Black Belt Strategies for Powerful Living”

So I will close this post with a (non rhetorical) question: What is your Purpose? Feel free to comment below.

Sid Zagri
Black Belt Strategies for Powerful Living


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