The Tao of Coaching

The Tao of Coaching

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When we think of great coaches of course the luminaries of professional sports teams like Vince Lombardi, Phil Jackson (my personal all time favorite) and of course the legendary John Wooden who’s teams won 7 National Championships in a row, all of which are sources of great inspiration!

What is it that makes these men great leaders?

Each of them have a different spin on a core value: Life is worth living to the fullest extent possible!

These examples are so powerful – when a team has the right coach they can perform what appear to be miracles and in the process inspire millions, like Phil Jackson did with Michael Jordan in the 1990’s.  I am not a sports geek by any stretch of the imagination – but all of us remember when “Jordan came to power” and took basketball to new heights with the Bulls, there definitely was magic in the air…

The challenge that I, and I think most of us face at one time or another, is realizing that we need others to help us get through life’s challenges.  In short we need some help. This is where life coaching comes in.

Life coaching can be described as the art and science of motivating oneself with the help of certified life coach. Life coaching was created to help individuals attain their full potential at what they do. Life coaching is crucial for people who want to better themselves either in their personal life or business wise. Life coaches provide insight and perspective in one’s life while nudging you to make those positive changes so that you can attain yourobjectives.

One thing we have a tough time doing is gaining perspective on our own lives… Life coaching is about providing insight into a person’s life from a third person perspective. This can be referred to as “helicopter vision”. This helps people solve their problems more easily with a fresh perspective from the life coach. Life coaches are also helpful while making tough decisions; they are sounding boards and pillars of support through hard decisions. Life coaching also helps motivate individuals and also helps in sharpening ones skills in the workplace or at home.

Life coaching is very beneficial while coupled up with training for professionals. This is because life coaches help individual set goals that are attainable due to the fact that life coaches have been properly trained and are great at assessing an individual potential. Unlike when working alone, while working with a life coach, individuals are set to think bigger and set higher goals.

Individuals who work with life coaches are naturally motivated as the life coaches naturally motivates clients with the right word making them feel appreciated instead of negative reinforcement that makes many people loose morale or even quit what they are pursuing. After a successful session with a life coach, clients should have at least one week to reflect on the lesson learnt or have time to take action that help in attain their set goals. Life coaching also helps individuals attain their goals faster, earn more cash and organize their personal lives more efficiently to achieve higher productivity.

Life coaching can be used by professionals in different fields. The techniques employed are diverse and appeal to every person at a personal level with proven success stories. Life coaches can help an individual in facing one fears, setting goals and objectives and achieving them. They are also beneficial in finding marriage partners and building powerful and long lasting relationships.

Life coaching is for all those individual who feel they have not hit the zenith of their life and need that gentle but firm nudge in the right directions. Life coaches are not a must but they are very crucial for personal and professional growth.

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