Life Coaching Success Guaranteed: It Takes Two to Tango

Life Coaching Success Guaranteed: It Takes Two to Tango

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Is Life Coaching Success Guaranteed?

Isn’t life a bit like a dance?  Antonio Banderas exhibits some serious chops with the tango in his Movie “Take the Lead”: .  Just like Antonio and his amazing partner Laura Benanti, we must study the steps, practice them, make mistakes, then start to “get it” only to make another mistake… but that’s the fun of it isn’t it?  We dance through so much of our daily experiences whether a solo dance, or one that depends on a partner. We are challenged to perform the steps to the best of our ability regardless of what else happens to be going on.  Life Coaching success is very much a dance from beginning to end and success or failure depends on the commitment level of both parties!

So many of us are looking for guarantees from external sources.  The reality is that our life as it stands right now, today, this very moment is what we have made it, for better or worse.  For some this is a hearty wake up call as we are unhappy with what we see when we take a sober look at what we have created.  I have found that an “Attitude of Gratitude”  is a great way to move through life – because even if we don’t like what we have created in our lives thus far, we can be grateful for what we do have and start creating a new experience from this moment moving forward!  What better way than to begin to see each new step in life as as a joyful dance the we choreograph or improvise our movements, as we move through our world.

One of my favorite dances is the Argentinian Tango.  This dance requires full on commitment from both partners and while the roles of each dancer is different from the other – they must rely on each other with varying levels of trust if the dance is to be a successful one.  I also like this dance because it is a passion filled display that explores, physicality, sensuality, cultural roots and technical prowess for the dance itself.

As a professional life coach since 2004 I have learned that when engaging with a new client, or re-engaging with one from several years ago, we really do enter into a dance.  The success of that dance is dependent on my ability to deploy my craft in a way that takes into account who my client is at a very fundamental level and my clients ability to engage in the process without reservation.  We must take coordinated steps together and the flow of energy must be coming from each of into a powerful process that we co-create together.

Co-Creating Success

The old saying that “It Takes Two To Tango” is entirely appropriate.  Here is how I approach this dance called Life Coaching:

  • Prior to each client engagement I review my Black Belt Strategies methodology from within the context of the stated needs of my client.
  • Prior to each client meeting I review where we are in the process and set my plans and intentions that this session set the stage for a new way of living for my client based on their expressed needs.
  • When we meet, I then ask my client if they are ready, willing and able to play FULL ON as we delve into the session.
  • Then and only then we begin and it is with very specific intent that we do so,

Can you imagine a couple about ready to dance the tango who were not really prepared to give it their best?  The tango is such an amazing dance – filled with passion, athletic prowess and of course specific intent.  In my Life Coaching practice my clients and I approach our relationship with the passion and specific intent that we see demonstrated in the Tango.

Proven Formula for Success

Black Belt Strategies for Powerful Living uses a proven formula for success called Destiny Flow. This coaching methodology was created  through my experiences in the martial arts as both a practitioner and as an instructor. I took the universal principles that I learned in the dojo (training hall) and applied them to my personal life and to my business.  Once I did this my career and personal life took off!  Now these principles can benefit you whether or not you choose to get on the mat in the dojo. 

Destiny Flow is a process that works as a template that allows us to look at each area stand alone as well as how they impact each other:

  • Highest Self
  • Life’s Purpose
  • Beliefs
  • Desire
  • Game Plan
  • Results


Who is in the Mirror?

The Destiny Flow Dance is one that requires looking at ones self in the mirror and deciding who we are at our best and then committing to the process of Constant and Never Ending improvement.  This process is very powerful and requires the perspective of myself or another Black belt Strategies coach to have the perspective and skill to impact your life in the best ways for the best possible outcomes!


Wishing You the Best Dance Ever!


Sid Zagri

Black Belt Strategies

P.S. For any Tango purists – check out this amazing Tango with full live orchestra and performances from Marcela Duran & Carlos Gavito from 2011!!!

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