Universal Principals are truths that become self evident through observation of and participation in nature.  When I lived on the windward side of the Hawaiian Island known as Oahu, or “The Gathering Place”  I learned that these principles  are self-evident much in the same way that the waterfalls flow down the sides of the Ko’olau mountains after a rainfall.  When looking at these lush mountains, we see that the shape of these mountains has been dictated by years of wind and rain.

Much in the same way, principles of compassion, courage, truth, integrity, humility and respect carve their way into our souls, as we strive to employ them into our every day lives.

The Black Belt Strategies that I use throughout my individual and group programs are designed to share these principles in meaningful ways that will allow you and all my clients  to actuate themselves in new, authentic and powerful ways.  It is dedicated all who strive for harmony, peace, excellence and joy in their lives.

Black Belt Strategies came about through my training and teaching in the martial arts , I observed Universal Principals,  as many others have before me and as I am sure you have as well.  It is a description of the human experience operating at a very high level. In short, Black Belt Strategies  is a method to consciously and competently discover and then live your life’s purpose.

Next it is important to note that I am a student and instructor in the Martial Arts, specifically in Wushudo as taught to me by Professor Willie the Bam Johnson and Zen Mushin Ryu as taught by Vernon Kitabu Turner Roshi.   The universal principles that share in my coaching practice, as well as the strategies, were revealed to me through my practice of the martial arts.  In particular my pursuit of earning my Black Belt pointed out the power of these principles, especially the use of exercises to practice techniques – using them as a method for engraining the particular technique over a period of time.

The Way of the Warrior or Bushido at it’s highest level, is in fact both an external (Physical) as well as an internal (Mental and Spiritual) journey that causes us to face ourselves…to look at our highest self and lowest self square in the eye and decide who we are going to be.  This journey is one that many of you reading this web page have taken, and many more of you are embarking upon for the first time.  In either case it is a journey that is extremely worthwhile, and for those of us who have received the calling to take it, we know there is no turning back.

This journey is not limited to the martial way – it is one that is shared by anyone who genuinely chooses to look deep inside him or herself, on a quest for personal truth.  It is a journey that challenges us to the core of who we are and then asks for more…and it is in those moments that true awareness and even enlightenment is born.

What you will find as you become familiar with Black Belt Strategies are Universal Principles that have been shared with me through hard won experience as well as the Joyful delights of being a husband, a father, a friend, a son, a teacher, a student, a business person and much more.

Black Belt Strategies is only as good as it helps you apply the principles.    My intention is to coach you on these Universal Principles in an effort to inspire you to take action of your own. Black Belt Strategies  is dedicated to YOU and I will give you all that has been shared with me, so when your turn comes, you can pass it on as well.

Here’s my take on an old joke: “How Many Life Coaches does it take to change a light bulb?  Only one but the light bulb has to want to change!!!  As a coach it’s my desire to help everyone that I come into contact with – it’s an occupational hazard of sorts.  The reality is I can only help those that are motivated to help themselves.  In that spirit you may want to really ask yourself if you are willing to play full on?  Are you willing to go deep and look for answers to some tough questions?  Are you willing to serve others and in the process serve yourself more completely?

If you are, then fill out the contact form and qualify for a free initial consultation session – However if there is one doubt, one iota of question then stop reading this right and ask yourself  “Why Not?”  You are a one of a kind gift for this world!  Why not show up and share your gifts with the world today!