Money And Me

“Money and Me”
Learn How People Relate to Money and Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs About Getting Rich!

In this book, you will learn all about:

All the techniques you will ever need to change your limiting beliefs about money!

Methods on how to discover your life purpose…

Learn how to find out who you really are.

How to question your beliefs.

How to remove mind boundaries!

The best way to give to yourself and others.

Much MORE!

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Money Lessons For All Ages

The best money management is that which begins early on in your life. Don’t wait for things to reach a precarious level before thinking about managing your precious resources.

Money management is an art. Sadly, it is becoming a lost art.

We are becoming poorer each day just because we cannot manage the resources that we have so painstakingly accumulated. We don’t know how to manage our assets and nurture them to grow.

Inside, you will learn various ways of money management for all ages and all walks of life.

Have an enriched experience reading this eBook. It might just help you gain better control of your life.

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Organizing Your Debt

Whether you are married or single, taking charge of your overall finances may feel like a part-time job. Some easy ideas can help you streamline your time, organize your finances, and reduce the stress of debt and overall money matters.

Organizing Debts For Better Money Management

Know Where Your Money Goes And Keep More Of It

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Overcome Shyness 101

Discover The Secrets to Overcome Shyness!

In this report, you will discover:

1) Learn why you are shy

You may think that shyness is just an inherited condition that you can not do anything about. By exploring why you are shy and how it affects every aspect of your life, you can have a better understanding of why shyness is and what you can do to face it and overcome this personality trait.

2) Learn how to get out there and socialize!

Not only does this book give you a handle on what it is like to be shy, but it also gives you explicit instructions on how to overcome shyness and start to socialize with others. The tips that you pick up in this book are those that a counselor will recommend. For a fraction of the price, you can get all of the tips that you would get if you enrolled in a counseling program downloaded right to your computer!

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Overcoming The Storms Of Life

“Have you always wanted to empower your family life? This book reveals all the secrets on how to empower your life, and the life of your loved ones!”

Overcoming The Storms Of Life – A Guide to Spiritual and Personal Empowerment!

Everything you need to know about empowerment is included in this special report:

* How to Give Yourself Empowerment

* How to Give your Children Empowerment

* How to Empower your Budget

* How to Realize Empowerment from Others

* How to Use Empowerment to Better your Life

* How to Use Empowerment to Boost your Career

* How to Use Empowerment in Social Situations

* Principles of Empowerment

I leave absolutely nothing out! Everything that I learned about empowerment I share with you.

This is the most comprehensive report on empowerment you will ever read!.

Even if you believe you are currently healthy, there is something important to learn in this report on how to achieve empowerment.

I show you the tools, tips and strategies you need to balance health and happiness while aging.

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Personal Development
Personal Development Gurus

“Personal Development Gurus Exposed”
Lessons from 10 of the best personal development gurus today!

In this book, you will learn all about:

Tony Robbins-Learning How to Achieve Bigger Things

Steve Pavlina-Quit Griping

Brian Tracy-Eat A Toad

Robert Kiyosaki-Why Network Marketing Is Good

Deepak Chopra- Synchrodensity

Jim Rohn-Work More Efficiently

Much MORE!

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Personal Finance Guru

“Discover How You – Or Anyone – Take Control Of Your Finances, Set Your Money To Work For You And Enjoy A Happier Life!”

Whether You’re Making A Few Hundred Dollars Or A 5 Figure Income Per Month, Learn How You Can Keep Most Of Your Money At The End Of The Month Using Super Simple Financing Methods!

Dear Friend,

Buried in a mountain of bills and debt before your eyes? Not having enough money for yourself at the end of the month? Need better finance management so you can finance your child(ren)’s college education and get all the wonderful things that you want in life?

By now, you definitely realize that it’s not really how much money you make, but ultimately how much money you keep.

It’s a crying shame – quite a number of highly paid executives, CEOs and officers today keep almost as much money as the janitors who clean the office building at the end of the month, even though their monthly salaries print 4 to 5 figures.

The culprit: horrible finance management!

“Well, Here’s Something You Really Need To Know…”

I’m not surprised if you’re not convinced by this fact because after all, most people are conditioned to (sub-consciously) think that financial advisor’s businesses are OTHER PEOPLE’s finances.

This is a valid fact, no doubt, but I’d like you to quickly indulge me in this brief exercise:
Who’s Making The Hard Earned Money For You, And Who Should Be Using Your Money?


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Present Power

Consider our youngsters; they do not have a care in creation as they live for the moment. I question why we don’t learn from youngsters instead of going between past tense and future tense. Recognizing that the past is defunct can’t be rewound and the time to come is yet to come along. Human beings by nature feel comfortable and unquestioned in memorizing past and designing future. May we ever augur precisely what will occur in the next minute? Yet our brain never stops supposing and planning future illusions. Some one has justifiably stated, ‘Are we only worried with adding days to our life, and forgetting to add life to our days”?

Present Power

Harnessing The Moment For Maximum Results.

Living with acceptance isn’t effortless.

One needs to bear courage since human beings by nature are in the habit of labeling, criticizing, giving alibis and finding flaws. Acquiring a mind-set of acceptance assists us in marching on in life. Likewise do not dream about what you are going to do once you make a lot of money, have a lot of time for meeting desires and wants and so forth. Beleaguered by life’s complexities, we draw a blank when it comes to feeling the instants that make up a day.

It is more common for us to state “When I have bunches of income, I will make sure I do this and that”. However what stops us from bringing in that income at present. Holding off depicts our favor for future tense over the present tense.

As an alternative, center energies in what you have right at present and make the most use of it. Being in the past is a great pass time particularly if the past was more beneficial than the present. We are overly glad to share with individuals “I used to be this and that. We had a huge ancestral house and so forth”. But these realities are irrelevant in the present tense context. No body is concerned with peeping into our past.

Individuals assess us on our present tense. Our thinking of past is only a distraction. Yes future tense is hope. Remember just hope. We are not certain whether that hope will happen or not. Accepting the final result of our efforts and not equating it with our expectations helps in coping with the reality.

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Smart Teens
Raising Money Smart Teens
If you Want Your Teenager to Completely Understand the
Secrets of Money?
You Can’t Afford To Miss This
Dear Fellow Parent,
You and I have never met, but I believe we share a common bond. The desire for our teenager to be successful. You know your teenager is smart and you want to give them a leg up in the world.
You, like me, by now are fed up with all of gimmicks and false promises made to teach our teenagers about money. You want a simple, proven and guaranteed plan that will teach them the vital “how-to’s” of money. You want a book that will teach your teenager…
You want to your teenage to learn these vital skills…so you know they will be successful throughout their life. This special report will teach your teenage to vital concepts of money within seven short days.
The precious gems of knowledge I am about to share with you will not only change your life for the better, but will transform the way your teenager views money forever. It is my hope that this special report entitled  7 Days to Raising a Money Smart Teen will financially benefit your teenager and your family for generations to come.
I wrote this one-of-a-kind book so any teenager can learn the valuable money skills necessary to be successful in life. They will learn these vital skills fast and without frustration.
Believe me I know the subject of money can be frustrating. I have taught countless teenagers valuable money skills and this book is written with them in mind. Most teenagers don’t understand money for two reasons:
– Was it because these people weren’t intelligent enough? No!
– Was it because they didn’t have caring and loving parents? No!
It was because they didn’t have book written for them. By following the simple, yet powerful strategies in my book you will be able to teach your teenagers the power of money fast!
This step-by-step guide is written with very simple and easy to understand terms with — no fluff, and your teenager can put the information work right now.
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Reinventing Yourself

Reinventing Yourself!

Everything you need to know about motivation is included in this special report:

* How Motivation Increases Self-Esteem

* How to Increase Productivity at Work with Motivation

* Motivation for Recovering Drug Addicts

* How to Motivate Yourself and Others

* Motivation and your Health

* How to Teach Motivation to Children

* Motivation and your Career

* Successful Motivation Methods

* How to Keep Yourself Going

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Secrets Of Success

Secrets of Success: Coaching Yourself to Fulfillment in the Business!

Everything you need to know about the success coaching is included in this special report:

Tips for using a success speaker

Putting common sense back into your business

Developing confidence

Identifying team building needs

Commitment and success strategies

Setting goals

How to stay motivated after the coaching process

Building a vision

I leave absolutely nothing out! Everything that I learned in order to achieve success coaching I share with you.

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Self Development
Self Development-Hints in Affirmation and Visualization

Everything you need to know about self development through visualization and affirmation is included in this special report:

How to build critical thinking skills
Visualizing problems
Practicing self development through visualization and affirmation
Training to understand the mind
Recalling development
Forecasts in self development through visualization and affirmation
How to use your critical thinking skills
The process of affirmation
Visualization and affirmation exercises

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